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Best Talent for Top Employer

Your dream candidate is just around the corner.

Staffing Solutions

We’re an agency made up of information technology consultant, designers and developers versed in data science, blockchain, cloud technologies, app development and more. We work with companies large and small and look forward to working with your team. Reach out to speak with a subject matter expert. Our consultations are free.


Contingent Staffing

Whether you are experienced in hiring contractors or considering it for the first time, Maarut will help you access the best available talent at the time and place you need. We help you hire intelligent and experienced specialists for your organization. 

Our services like background checks, reference checks, employment verification and many more are free for the employers

Direct Full-Time Hire

Finding IT talent is a significant challenge in today’s business landscape. Maarut has the unique methodology for identifying, acquiring and retaining top IT resources across various areas of expertise. We help companies hire better candidate, and make meaningful relationships between the job seeker and the employers. 

Full Time Hire.jpg

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment specialists to act as or support your in-house recruitment team or act as an extension of your existing recruitment team. It gives you the extra resource and recruitment expertise you need, without having to actually hire a permanent staff member

Skill Gap Fulfillment

Build a skilled set of resources thru learning and development for your niche technology area based on specific client requirements
We help hire graduates and train them to your need
Provide value to clients by bridging the skills gaps in their team

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