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Whether you’re in finance, Public sector, Insurance  or another industry leading organization, we deliver the industry expertise you are looking for. We offer a full range of technology services to guide you.

Financial Services

Financial Services


To actualize next generation financial solutions, we employ the use of next generation technologies like Robotics and smart device solutions. Thus, we are able to cover embedded analytics, better operations framework, smart process design, compliance, and visibility and controls.

Your Challenges

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  • Inability to effectively protect data

  • Difficulty integrating and managing legacy systems to meet your business needs

  • Scaling to better digital experience as required by your customers

  • Dealing with the industry complex regulatory processes

Our Solution


At Maarut, your systems are analyzed thoroughly by our team of expert consultants and engineers. This team also help you design a strategy to migrate and integrate your on-premise business with cloud services or to a hybrid state. Other benefits are:

  • Better customer experience while reducing the rate of customer churn

  • Development of an effective technique to govern data

  • Employing digital tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence to manage data and enhance decision-making process

  • Provision of accurate data origin, grouping/classification and flow.

  • Manageable and accessible identity data

  • Assurance of accurate compliance of regulation, and security of sensitive data like personal identifiable information (PII)

Financial Services




Customer’s expectations are ever demanding hence, the need for better insurance software solutions to be developed. These solutions fully transform your insurance business into a fully operational digital enterprise.

Your Challenges

  • Flawed processes that allow for fraud, waste and abuse

  • High-risk profile – no assurance of security

  • Expensive implementation solutions that yield very little results

  • Difficulty holding on to your market shares, and also increasing the number of shares

  • Dealing with speed and scalability issues of business processes and marketing options.

Our Solution

The difference between selling technology and technological solutions is obvious when your enterprise work with Maarut – we sell solutions:

  • Enhancement of services that exceed customer’s expectations

  • Analyzing the potential of target market via insights gotten from industry data

  • Freeing your staff to handle high value work by employing digital supporting systems to handle other work.

  • Development of better working relationships with partners, customers, and regulators by using shorter review cycle solutions.

  • Ensuring that insurers are able to offer agents better experiences

  • Upgrading current products to give these products an edge in the market

  • Better personalization processes of data collection and analysis in deference to privacy laws.

Health Care

Health Care


The health care system is continually laden with challenges, the ultimate goal however, is to provide the best health care available. Our experts work with different players in the healthcare industry – health insurance companies, hospitals, biomedical and research laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies.

Your Challenges

  • Compliance pressures

  • Increasing R&D cost

  • Inadequate cost margin

  • Disjointed supply chains

Our Solution


At Maarut, we help you tackle the ever-growing challenges of this sector:

  • Unification of industries via adequate merger or acquisition of smaller companies

  • Reduced cost by improving operation processes and integrating systems together

  • Proper documentation of metrics to enable better health care services

  • Compliance, governance, and protection of data while ensuring that data privacy rights aren’t breached.

  • High-level interaction between different systems types of electronic health records (EHRs)

  • Easy access to patient portals and their information

Health Care

Public Services

Government & Public Services


At Maarut, we work with the public sector at all levels (federal, state, local or related agencies) to help serve the citizens better.

Your Challenges

  • How to protect personal information of citizens

  • Enhancing system’s efficiency and introduction of innovative techniques

  • Lack of state-of-the-art technological solutions to enhance system’s processes and delivery of services

  • Inadequate regulatory systems to monitor waste of resources and fraud

  • Inappropriate distribution of resources to citizens

Our Solution


As public servants, our clients are tasked with the responsibility of managing taxpayer’s dollars. We help these clients overcome their challenges by:

  • Employing cost-effective tools like AI, machine learning, hyperautomation and intelligent automation of processes to improve efficiency of services.

  • Provision of adequate methods of data privacy, protection and sharing. This ensures that the information gets to the right individual when necessary.

  • Providing citizens with better user experience when they try to make online transactions or access services.

  • Creating faster and more accurate systems via cloud computation

  • Enabling better solutions for security issues, platforms for operations and analytics.


These solutions and more are done within your budget while eliminating any risk associated with the services. We also give accurate and detailed reports on your deliverables.

Public Services


& Tele Communications

Technology & Telecommunications


Media, technology, and telecommunications organizations can be credited for the revolutional innovations that cuts across every industry. It is necessary for technology agencies to create platforms which would enable them to effectively innovate, develop, and launch the solutions and products required to maximize their business potentials.

Your Challenges

  • Inflexible pricing systems

  • Poor customer account management models

  • Absence of corporate websites for workforce, project management, and information source.

  • Cyberfraud and inadequate performance management

  • Weak data analysis tools, social media engagement, and business systems.

  • High demand for high-speed data and network availability

Our Solution

With over 13 years of experience, we have provided customized telecommunications and technology solutions to leading companies in the industry, specializing in numerous communication channels, from providing cohesive broadband connectivity across numerous digital devices, to increased accessibility to wire networks, brand development, and organizations dependent on communication.

  • Maximizing customer experience approach using designated omni-channel approach and optimization techniques

  • Provision of end-to-end support for an integrated customer experience and multi-staged consolidation of systems

  • APIs to encourage brand development

  • Consistent automated processes and software testing

  • Client self-service platforms

  • Improvement of business performance via comprehensive data analysis and data reporting.

  • Automated verification of end-to-end business flow

  • Optimization of business agility using custom web and mobile app specifically designed to meet client requirements.

  • Stable, real-time pricing models and solutions

Technology & Telecom


Supply Chain and E-commerce

The importance of focusing on customers cannot be overestimated. The modern-day shopper is empowered and informed and can be lost by a single click. The modern-day retail process is dependent on digital technology.

Your Challenges

  • Difficulty in understanding, organization, and optimization of data assets

  • Inflexible pricing models

  • Low engagement and minimal sales.

  • Increased susceptibility to hackers as a result of client profile, payment details and increased brand visibility.

  • Non-sustainable and undiversified growth strategies

Our Solution

As one of the leading agencies in the industry, Maarut aims to help customers surpass competition in every aspects of retailing including:

  • Efficient data collection and analysis of customers

  • Encrypted websites that protect client information.

  • Developing techniques to improve organic traffic and website performance

  • Advanced analytics using AI to create patterns from client data, that includes possible client purchases based on previous preferences.

  • Multichannel approach using APIs and integration to provide shoppers with hassle free transition across all your platforms

  • Shopper engagement using easily navigable websites and UI/UX

  • Increased reach of target audient across the world.

E Commerce
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