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Application Development & Technology Services

Application Development & Services


Creating solutions that uses the current generation of platforms and browsers.


Our custom development services keep the needs of your customers and staff, as well as your future in mind when helping you to automate a manual process, making your customers happy with intuitive and robust web experience, or even transferring your workflow to a mobile platform.

We understand the needs of your business, and will help you create solutions that are maintainable, scalable and safe to satisfy the demands for maximum processing and volume.

We will ensure that your software is fitted to your exact needs with the help of our broad expertise ranging from technology platforms and languages, protocols to frameworks and best practices like continuous delivery, DevOps, Agile or test-drive development.



Capitalize on the over-the-roof potentials of the cloud

Cloud technology implements an infrastructure-on-demand approach to seamless integration of modern technologies. It gives you a second-to-none flexibility, lowers operational costs, controls resources, improves productivity, supports innovation, increases time-to-time market, enhances scalability, and boosts economies of scale.


We help you get the most out of your business with our special cloud solutions and services.


There are various types of cloud providers and services and they include Alibaba Cloud, Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, Software AG Cloud, Amazon Web Services and IBM Blue Mix.

Microsoft Technologies

(Analytics, AI & Cloud , Microsoft Dynamics 365 ,Office 365)

Ease your business problem and the way your people work.

We focus on architecture development to properly optimize and streamline your Microsoft environment. We have easy access to all current technologies focusing on making business capabilities and values with Microsoft technologies.

Starting from the. Microsoft consulting services, developing, designing, testing to deploying, we offer various Microsoft business solutions.

We identify the needs of your business and offer the appropriate solutions so as to ensure your business is far ahead in a marketplace that is very competitive.


Unify your business and technology architectures

Our Oracle services assists you to implement digital transformation by combining technology architectures and business, to bring about top-line growth and competitive advantage.

We ensure that your businesses become more agile, future-ready and scalable through the following:

  • Creating new capabilities

  • Streamlining existing processes

  • Inspiring digital thinking at the deepest level of their business

  • Augmenting current operations

We have solutions to help your digital transformation journey, from analytics AI to chatboards to dashboards.


Customizable and personalized Salesforce services

With the aid of tested and successful technology and methodology, we provide excellent Salesforce solutions and development services like Salesforce administration, support, integration, implementation, consulting, training, product development, configuration and customization.

We make certain that we only deliver solutions of top quality, therefore Quality Assurance practices are added closely into all the stages of the project. We make sure that all solutions are delivered successfully by combining adoption and end-user training, to extensive Salesforce support service.

At every stage of the process, we assist by offering consultation for

  • Choosing the correct CRM

  • Saleforce implementation

  • Saleforce customization

We also help businesses that already makes use of Saleforce as their CRM by offering advice on Saleforce customization which helps them make the most out of it.


Protect your data center from intrusions and physical threats.

Low level and simple protection are no longer sufficient for the complex modern data centers, especially facilities in remote areas.

We will handle the access to various areas of your data center and monitor those that goes in and out with the aid of surveillance feeds and real-time reporting.

It doesn't matter if the environment you operate in is for multiple or single users and customers, our security-oriented DCIM solution will get rid of stress of manually tracking access requests, reduce common security threats as well as minimize the risk of human error.

Don’t Wait Until it’s too Late

Big data


Resolve big data problems with on-premise and hybrid design and actionable solutions


Businesses are getting increasingly worried at the lack of hybrid solutions that converts their big data into practicable solutions. Others need help with deciding on a big data solution.


Our full-stack Big Data automation solutions comes with creating a roadmap on how to enhance your big data solution which can be either cloud, on-site or a hybrid of cloud and on-site solutions. Other offerings include:


  • Testing big data performance and stress

  • Testing the report of your business' data warehouse

  • Automating repetitive actions

  • Integrating information

  • Ambiguous testing



If you already have a big data solution, we will create an individual enhancement roadmap to eliminate both obvious and hidden problems. This is to increase the potential of your analytics solutions.


Remove the hassle from your software development

Many leading software companies now outsource the task of software development. It not only allows them to focus on other important aspects of their business, it is also cheaper and more convenient for them. It is however important for the project to be completed within its budget and on time. This is why businesses prefer working with a team that uses Agile systems for their software development solutions.

Our Agile software development team will cooperate with you on a high level to gradually phase out old processes so as to fit with the current task. Our software development team is only experienced and will successfully work with you to create customized software solutions according to your specifications.

We are the perfect fit of what your agile software development needs.

Project Management

Manage your digital project processes to yield result

Complex digital projects require the use of multiple teams, from design and strategy to QA and development, to work together successfully in order to yield results that are in line with the business goals, on time and on budget. The project manager is at the center of this circle.

Our team in charge of project management is skilled in all areas of traditional and digital project management. We are a component of your team, we work with you to have a better understanding of your goals, improve the delivery of significant projects as well as manage strategic initiatives.

Our approach has led to successful deliveries of project and also place you in a better position in the current competitive market.

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