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About Us

Maarut Inc a boutique digital firm providing technology consulting , staffing solutions, software development, design, and strategy services to some of the world’s most exciting brands and businesses.

We’re an Canadian company made up of designers and developers versed in data science, cloud technologies, app development and more. We work with companies large and small and look forward to working with your team.  

Why Choose Maarut Inc?

The key objective that digital transformations mostly strive to accomplish is exploring and coming up with new approaches to building strong relations with customers. The digitisation of services or products involves researching, improving or creating new business models for services and products. Business analytics and creative use of technology eases decision making and boosts operational performance.

Maarut is a pioneering technology leading company that ensuring the automation, modernization and digitization of your businesses. We’re the partner of choice, and are packed with a range of sophisticated analytics & fundamental test automation tools and accelerators. We are experienced in working closely with clients to help them achieve their business objectives in various ways. We ensure that the following competencies are best suited to your organizational needs and strengths, this is due to the uniqueness of each transformation.

Reasons for people to choose us

Who are we?


We have assisted top players in different industries in making sure their digital transformation programs are carried out effectively, properly defined, established, and properly set up for success. We provided project assurance and change management, technology preparedness evaluation, and program management support. Additionally, we offered a wide range of services for privacy, cybersecurity, data analytics, reporting, and architecture.



We partner with brands to find out how technology can reinvent their audit functions, finance, business operations, risk management, information technology and procurement. Our experts for all our functional units and change management professionals are fully armed with the right tools and knowledge to transform or enhance any business.

How we navigate


We offer objective views to help you get rid of needless obstacles to change and innovation that are present in your organisation. This involves helping you to build policy frameworks that fits its purpose, establishing governance of your digital investment portfolio, designing and delivering awareness and training programs as well as assessing and developing your innovation culture.

Decision making


We work with your decision processes on how and when to implement current technologies. We help you understand recent opportunities and implement programs that take advantage of new areas. This includes big data/data analytics, RegTech (regulatory technology), FinTech (financial service technology), AI robotics and machine learning, block chain, and the internet of things.

Our work


We work with organizations on data governance, information management, and advanced analytics. This opens up the potential of the organization, helping them see data as a company's valuable assets to raise share holder value, and enabling them make well informed decision making. We assist you by getting you easy assess to large amounts of internal data, combined with external data from social networks and third parties, and adding them to the important business operations. We present our views on your strategy and procedures so you can make informed business-related decision.

Overcome challenges

Yes, there are many challenging and complex situations as regards Digital Transformation process, Maarut is well positioned to serve every organization's needs in their journey to Digital Transformation. With our well-oiled mechanism and insightful thought processes, we are the partner of choice if you want to achieve your business goals through Digital Transformation.

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