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Digital Experience

Digital Experience (DX)


Make your dream digital evolution a reality

At Maarut, we offer the best digital experience to our clients by managing their data through automated processes, AI and cloud services.

Systems Automation


Companies are going from structured, rule-based tasks to automated complex tasks that fully understands raw unstructured data, draws out a pattern, and make judgements.


With our vast and better knowledge of engineering and machine learning, we are able to provide our clients with:


  • Resolve challenges associated with email spam filtering, fraud detection, image recognition and news analysis.

  • Data structuring, patterning and interpretation

  • Use of automated bots to take required action

  • Helps with management of supplier data and processing of invoice

  • Assist HR with payroll and employee’s data

  • Improve your business financial set-up such as payable and receivable accounts, retiral’s plans, KYC client refresh, reconciliations and many more.



All these are made possible using cutting-edge technologies like natural language processing NLP, RPA, chatbots, image recognition, speech to text, and many more in addition to AI.

Digital & Analytics


Creating digitally-inspired future-proofed brands.


There is an ever-increasing amount and types of data generated in the world daily. As it continues to grow, the opportunities for organizations to leverage these data becomes increasingly evident. With Congnitiv Systems by your side, you can begin to use data for continuous innovation, improvement and growth through training, strategy and healthy implementation.


Our world-class team of consultants and leading analysts, data scientists and engineers, are experts in Tag management and Analytics consulting. They have an understanding of the customers’ needs, industry economics, and competitive dynamics. They are knowledgeable in all things digital tech, and are able to use any of the platforms or technology preferred by you.


We provide brand-focused views and empower you analytics architecture, flexible support models, and deeply transformational solutions. Once our models and tools are in place, we then build your skills and competencies to ensure your company remains sustainably competitive.




  • Digital Data QA

  • Google Analytics

  • Snowplow Analytics



Interconnect all solutions and data for consumer ease of use


Our IoT team is a 50+ man team with over 15 years of experience and 3 million+ user equipped with all that is needed in choosing the right IT landscape for your business. We challenge businesses to grow at minimal cost.


With Maarut , your business stands to gain the following:


  • Practical assistance from our team

  • Sensor integration and insights derivation that are practicable

  • Definition and implementation of roadmaps

  • Effective connection

  • Better decision-making processes

  • Better products with better design




Simulate human intelligence processes


The magnitude of work that can be done when utilizing AI platforms like Microsoft, Amazon Sagemaker, Tensorflow, and Apache MXNet to create AI solutions is unimaginable. Except by our team, of course. Our systems enhance procedural automation and resolve complex business challenges that usually require genius-level human effort.


Our systems are aiding global businesses at little or no cost with speed you never deemed possible.

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